KENMEI ACADEMY Osaka - As the first co-educational Catholic school in Osaka, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School is playing an integral role in the evolution of the learning environment. -


Career Counseling

Offering specifically tailored information, we help each individual student pave the way to his or her further education.
At Kenmei Junior and Senior High School, we begin thinking about each student's future from a very early stage.  Through lectures, parent conferences, summer training camps, and so on, we provide individualized instruction to help each student push forward to his or her goals.
Using their plentiful experience and close contact with universities and other institutions, Kenmei instructors are able to provide precise up-to-date information about entrance exam systems.  Students can consult not only their homeroom teachers and teachers from each academic department, but also a school counselor at Kenmei's counseling center.  Knemei offers support for the academic advancement of each student, tailored to each individual's needs.