KENMEI ACADEMY Osaka - As the first co-educational Catholic school in Osaka, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School is playing an integral role in the evolution of the learning environment. -


Club Activities

Student Government
In addition to managing school events, Kenmei's active student government also participates in such activities as volunteering and monthly fasting, to help them feel a sense of community with others in the world.


  • English club
  • Basketball (boys / girls)
  • Volunteer club
  • Pop music club
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Social studies club
  • Homemaking club
  • Soft tennis (girls)
  • Science club
  • Drama club
  • Tennis (boys / girls)
  • Handbell choir
  • Traditional Culture club
  • Softball (boys / girls)
  • Choir
  • Baton club (girls)
  • Art club
  • Table tennis (boys / girls)
  • Brass band
  • Football (boys)
  • Handbell choir