KENMEI ACADEMY Osaka - As the first co-educational Catholic school in Osaka, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School is playing an integral role in the evolution of the learning environment. -


Education Policy

We aim to help our students build character, as we foster their hearts, love, and abilities.
The six years spent in junior and senior high school are not merely important for academic education, but also a critical time during which a great deal of a person's character is formed.  At Kenmei Junior and Senior High School, the central goal of our educational principles is to povide an all-around education based on the Catholic spirit, and we strive to nourish our students' hearts as well as their intellects.  Also, by carefully watching over the progress of each individual student, we work to provide them with the fundamental scholastic ability necessary to realize their future dreams, as well as the pracitical ability to apply their knowledge.