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Kenmei Gakuin Junior and Senior High School International Education
~Aiming to be the best in the world~

Mission: to raise and nurture young adults who will be able to offer love and service on an international level, and who will be conscious of the dignity of humanity, with a sense of solidarity that disregards nationality, race, or cultural differences

Goal: to prepare students not only for exams, but also for future jobs and employment opportunities by equipping them with applicable communication skills


Point 1:

Study Abroad Program in Australia - Through a one-year course as an international student in Australia, students learn English skills which will help them with entrance exams and as members of society (the program aims to raise TOEIC scores to 730 points).  Class credits earned through the program are officially recognized here as well, so that the students can graduate from high school in three years as normal.  Also, we offer six months of advance study beforehand to prepare students to quickly and easily adjust to their lifestyle abroad.  (As of the 2010 school year, two Kenmei students are currently studying abroad at All Saints Anglican School in Australia).

Point 2:

Short Linguistic Training Program in Australia - This program is available to any students from grade 8 to 11.  It includes a homestay and other activities which allow them to experience other cultures, and the program's goal is to teach them to take the initiative when communicating and making connections with other people.  After returning to Japan, the students have learned to think of English as a means of communication, and have the confidence to actively speak out in English without fear of making mistakes.  (During the 2010 school year, 16 students participated in the program at the English College of Adelaide in Australia). 

Point 3:

English Lounge - From Monday to Friday, we offer an opportunity for students to have an international experience here in their own school.  In the English Lounge, students can enjoy casual English conversation in a relaxed atmosphere with native-speaking teachers.  In addition, they can exchange letters in English whenever they like through the native teachers' mailbox.

Point 4:

TOEIC Bridge - In order to measure their communication skills according to international standards, all students from grades 8 to 12 take this test every school term.  After laying a foundation of the basic skills required to take part in today's society, the students improve upon these skills throughout high school, and broaden their vision of hte future.

Point 5:

Oral Communication Class: In an effort to increase the volume of English output from our students, we divide each class into two smaller groups, each of which is taught by a native-speaking teacher.  We have made careful arrangements with the publishers of the textbooks, which contain real, natural English, and have been individually chosen to support the development of each grade level.

Point 6:

CALL Room - Through the effective use of video and voice recordings, the CALL Room's resources help to increase the students' listening, speaking, and other communication skills.  Comprehensive software designed to prepare students for the TOEIC test has also been installed, making it possible for each student to study materials tailored to his or her own level.

Point 7:

iPads - The school now provides studying opportunities using Apple's iPads.  Students can enjoy listening exercises and vocabulary practice, and can use an e-mail service or other software to study efficiently.  The iPads can connect to the internet from any location within the school, so students have access to a wide selection of information and resources to help them improve their communication skills. 

Point 8: E-Cube - E-Cube (Kinki University's English Village) is a facility where students can enjoy learning English from native speakers, without the use of any Japanese.  Kenmei students can participate in E-Cube quizzes and activities, and can have a fun time learning English from many different native speakers.  This interaction with native speakers also makes students feel more motivated to learn more English. 

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