KENMEI ACADEMY Osaka - As the first co-educational Catholic school in Osaka, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School is playing an integral role in the evolution of the learning environment. -


Class Programs

Small class sizes allow us to give personalized instruction and support.
Our curriculum at Kenmei is organized to span the six years as a whole, educating our students with the long-term goal of helping them to reach the schools and careers of their choice.  The small class sizes here allow teachers to watch over and communicate with each student individually, and also lead to a bright and relaxed classroom atmosphere.  In addition to equipping the students with the academic skills needed to realize their future goals, at Kenmei we also put particular stress on proficiency with English and technology, as we believe that these skills are becoming increasingly necessary in today's modern and globalized society.

A new curriculum with an eye to the future
At the junior high school, there are currently two courses, implemented since 2009, and designed to steadily improve the students' scholastic ability and assist them toward their future goals.  There is the Kinki University Medical School Preparation Course, which includes prerequisite classes for the high school course of the same name, and also the Comprehensive Advancement Course, which prepares students for either the Kinki University General Course or the General Advancement Course at the high school.  Both of these high-level courses are designed with the students' high school advancement and long-term futures in mind.
At the high school, we offer the Kinki University Medical School Preparation Course for students hoping to enter a medical school or department, and for those aiming for humanities departments at public or famous private universities, we offer the Kinki University General Course.  In addition, we have a third course, the General Advancement Course, for students with a wide variety of educational goals.  Each course aims to substantially support the students' efforts to turn their future goals into reality.

More support through specialized and supplementary classes
In order to enable all students to build up their skills according to their potential, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School holds supplementary lessons after school, as well as special classes during the long vacations.  An independent study room is open on Saturdays, and is available to any student who wishes to come receive personal instruction from the teachers there.  Also, we hold special Saturday lectures, given by guest instructors who are familiar with medical education, for students taking the Kinki University Medical School Preparation Course.



Kenmei offers lessons about traditional Japanese culture and manners, which are based on a feeling of compassion for others, an idea that is also connected with the school's Catholic spirit. 

Kenmei also puts great emphasis on English education, not only to prepare for entrance examinations but also to help students communicate with people throughout the world.


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