KENMEI ACADEMY Osaka - As the first co-educational Catholic school in Osaka, Kenmei Junior and Senior High School is playing an integral role in the evolution of the learning environment. -


Our Feature, Evangelised by Marie River

Blessed Marie Rivier

Kenmei's tradition has continued for over half a century, extending the spirit of its founder to the world.
Kenmei Junior and Senior High School was established with a philosophy based on the teachings of the blessed Marie Rivier.  When Marie Rivier founded the Catholic congregation of the Presentation of Mary in late 18th-century France, the French Revolution had thrown society into confusion, and people were searching for salvation.  In the midst of those troubling times, Marie Rivier believed that each child was a precious treasure entrusted to us by Christ, and she devoted her life to education and prayer, showering her students with love.  Her passion has extended over borders and centuries, and even now serves as a beacon of education in nineteen countries around the world.